Alexandritelaser (755 nm)


The best laser on the market for permanent hair removal!

The Motus ax alexandritelaser with moveo technology is a further development of the traditional alexandritelaser, with the wavelength of 755 nanometers. This makes it compatible to treat several different skin and hair types that has previously been possible. 
The alexandritelaser has always been the golden standard in hair removal around the world, with 20% higher efficiency than diode laser!

The things that makes Motus ax with moveo so special is it´s high speed, the new sweeping technique and the well-developed cooling system used with the special new hand piece. The cooling system makes it less painful then other lasers or IPL. You treat directly against the skin, over traditional laser, and because of that you take advantage of all the laser light, that goes down to the hair root, and as little as possible is reflected away from the hair.
The hand piece is now 2 cm in diameter, instead of approximately 7 mm.

The Motus ax laser hand piece pushes many, many and rapid laser pulses, while the therapist sweeps the hand piece over the treatment area. This allows the hair follicles to be warmed up to the desired heat to kill the nutrients to the hair roots, but does not heat the skin in the same way, so there is no appreciable effect on the skin.

The Motus ax alexandritelaser can treat both thin and thick hair with very good effect. All the hair must contain a protein string of pigment, so white, totally blond, gray ore red hair is not possible to treat successful.

All skin types and and skin tones are treatable, as long as the hair is darker then the skin. 

Please contact us if you are unsure about if your specific hair can be treated. We have free consultations!


Treatment interval, number of treatments, and how you treat the hair between the treatment sessions:

To get a permanent treatment outcome, one must treat the hair in the anagen phase, it´s the growth phase. That is when the hair are in contact with the roots. To permanent damage the nutrient supply to the hair follicle, we must therefore treat them in the anagen phase. The interval between the treatments should approximately be 4-6weeks, depending on area. 

The hair grows in intervals, alternately resting/ active hair follicles, affected by age, hormones, vitamins, and genes. This  makes permanent hair removal complex. 

Normally, the number of treatment sessions is 4-10 times, depending on the area and how much hair who is in anagen phase at the same time. This is nothing you could see with the naked eye. Sometimes it takes more sessions, and sometimes less.


Notes before treatment:

Arrive in good time for your treatment and we prefer that you have shaved ore trimmed the area before treatment. Some areas are difficult to access, den we can help you with Philips One blade trimmer. 
Note that you could not use spraytan or tanning for home use in the treatment series. These products are typically oil-based and do not remove itself by normal washing with soap and water.
This can provide an additional heating of the skin, which is not desirable.
If you waxed or in any other way removed your hair with the root, you must wait at least four weeks before treating with laser. 


Notes after treatment:

You should not get out in the sun for a longer time 48 hours after doing your laser treatment. Your skin is a little bit more sensitive than normal. And like after waxing you should not take a bath, use sauna, deodorant, makeup or put any other things on your skin for 24 hours after treatment. 

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